SotG - EP05

Episode 5: a bittersweet semi-end to what has now grown into a great podcast to be a part of -- something the community now 'owns'. It's been a weird and wild ride but I'm closing up shop for a couple of weeks as I have travel to California and then to Ohio for the start of the MLG PC Circuit.

This weeks podcast I think is the finest yet. It was definitely crazy and if you don't find yourself cracking a smile at least once I seriously question your sense of humor. Patch notes + a look back at the beta from all aspects are the topics. Also, forgive me for being insanely tired and forgetting which match-ups were discussed later on.

Also, if any Blizzard employees listen to this podcast, please do NOT take any of the suggestions from this cast. Except for the Ultralisk with cannons on its side. Do that. Thanks!