SotG - EP34

JP, Day[9], Tyler, and Artosis and iNcontroL discuss all of the crazy stuff going on right now in the world of SC2.

To view the video VOD, go check out http://itmejp.blip.tv/file/5012319/

To download this, simply click the bold "SotG - EP34" text.

If you are having issues listening to the mp3, you can stream it at the blip.tv link above, along with the .flv format (video). You can also pause/start the replay to get faster download times.

Preshow can be found at the following link: http://itmejp.blip.tv/file/5012365/

P.S. We might talk about topical events in the SC2 (NASL) and spoil a game or match. If you care about a series being spoiled that technically wont mean until about 9 weeks from now, then don't listen! Thanks :)