Read before asking where the VOD is

The show can't be hosted on blip anymore. That doesn't benefit MLG at all. It can't be posted through JTV archives -- that doesn't benefit MLG at all either.

It has to go on MLG.tv

The show has been uploaded to MLG.tv, but people in New York have the weekend off (obviously). If they are so kind to see to it tomorrow to publish it, then they will. I cannot control that nor do I wish to take away their Saturday.

It will be posted in five parts. The Tricaster we use to broadcast (Google if you've never heard the term) records in a lossless format. This means this weeks episode was about 100GB or so. To transfer this offa the HD takes about an hour over USB 2.0.

This is then imported to a program to render out as an MP4. The MP4 is about ~30m equaling ~2gb. Brightcove does not allow files over 2GB to be uploaded.

We learned this after a full-render out / upload on Wednesday when it didn't take. Having to separate the file into five individual ones took Thursday. Add in the MLG Global Invitational VODs taking priority and here we are Friday morning.

They have all finished uploaded, but again, re-read the beginning of this to see where it stands. There is one person doing all of the editing / uploading for the Global Invitational (two nights a week) and now SotG. That is not to place blame on anyone, just providing information.

Thanks for being patient. Will let you guys know when its available first thing.