State of the Game - Nestea and MVP

Artosis has always been our entry-point to the Korean scene on State of the Game, but coming up this week we are incredibly happy to announce the Incredible Miracle's very own Nestea and MVP (with translation by Hwanni) will be joining myself, Geoff, and Artosis for a Q&A session.

The date and time are still being ironed out, but it will be a live production on the MLG.tv stream. This heavily revolves around when or if Nestea and MVP are eliminated from the upcoming Blizzard Cup. Details will be posted as soon as I know.

Please remember that because Nestea and MVP are our guests, we will have to stick with whatever time they are comfortable and available. This means that it might be very late at night for the U.S. audience. Don't worry, I'll have it posted very quickly after going off air.

The reason I wanted to get the information out there so early is because we're going to be taking community questions from TeamLiquid.net and /r/Starcraft. Please post your questions in either thread and we'll go through and choose a handful from each site.

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Thanks everyone!