Back to our Roots

After months of close collaboration with my friends at Major League Gaming, MLG and State of The Game have mutually and amicably decided to part ways. SotG will once again become an independent show and no longer air on MLG.tv. This was my idea from the beginning and I approached MLG about it -- I was not asked to leave. As MLG focuses on competitive coverage and moves away from editorial coverage of the larger world of esports, it makes sense for me to produce the show separate from the League.

This change only means better things for you guys, the community. The show will air on TwitchTV and VODs will be available as soon as nerdly possible on YouTube.com/itmeJP.

When the show debut's next Thursday, January 19th, we will be going live at our new time, 7:00 p.m. EDT. The goal with this is that we will garner a new audience for the show across the pond with the new time slot.

A volunteer subscription service will be set up on Twitch. This will include access to the chat, special chat icons / emblems, and more stuff which we'll be revealing on the show as well as a price point. Everything you had available to you last season will still be there this season for free. The subscription will only mean more.

We're going to be setting up t-shirts with TheHandsomeNerd.com here pretty soon. You'll be able to visit (and crash) our favorite apparel website. I can't wait to mention this on the show.

Finally, being on our own here at SotG, we are currently seeking mainstream sponsorship for the show. If you are a serious sponsor please feel free to drop me a line at sotg@itmejp.com.

The goal this season is to get back to our roots. The show will always remain independent from now on, regardless of sponsor. Let us know what you want to see and we'll listen.

You can reach any of us at our respective Twitters and during our call-in time on the show. Don't be shy. Regardless, see you guys next Thursday for the State of the Game. We can't wait.